There are hundreds of loan products on the market and it’s important to find a solution that suits your needs.You can expect us to identify which products are most suitable for you and help you choose the correct solution. We also pride ourselves on our ability to get your loans settled.

We have extensive experience in all things lending, including:

Standard variable & fixed rate loans

Variable rate loans generally offer more features and flexibility than other home loan products, particularly basic or “no frills” loan. With variable rate loans the rate can change at any time. Lenders usually raise or lower their variable rates in line with the Reserve Bank of Australia’s official cash rate.

Fixed rate loans are set at a fixed interest rate for a specified period – usually one to five years. Fixed rate loans give you the advantage of knowing exactly what your repayments will be for the fixed rate term. If the rates were to drop you do not benefit during your fixed rate period.

First Home Buyers

First home buyers may enjoy a grant from the government to assist with their first home purchase. Part of our service is to help ensure you receive any entitlements.

We’ll guide and help you to understand everything you should know about the home buying process.

Debt Consolidation and Personal Loans

Have you got multiple credit cards that you just can’t seem to finish paying off? Or a couple of nagging personal loans or credit cards? Maybe you need money for a holiday or a wedding? A personal loan or a debt consolidation loan might be suitable for you. By consolidating your debts to one repayment, you might find it easier and less stressful to manage. Knowing you’ve only got that one payment to tackle, might help de-clutter some of that head space!

Investment Loans

Investment loans are structured in a specific way to allow you to make the most of your capital and assets. We can help you to formulate an investment plan that works toward building your wealth and securing your financial future. We will then work with you to help ensure your finances are always working optimally to help you achieve your goals.

For some, the future may seem a long way off, but the time to act is now. When it comes to making a profit from investing in property, time is your friend. The housing market is generally a seven to ten year cycle: there are always highs, lows and steady patches. But over time, property values have proven to rise fairly consistently. That’s why a long-term investment strategy is considered to offer the investor the lowest risk.

Vehicle Finance

Buying a car is one of life’s instant gratification joys – when we find our dream car, we just want to get in and drive it away – right then, right there.  Strangely though, we usually take our time researching the market to be able to negotiate a great deal, but when it comes to the finance, we generally just accept what the car yard offers.  You owe it to yourself to shop around for the finance as well. No point saving a $1,000 on the car price, if the finance is going to end up costing you $2,000 more than another provider.  We have access to several lenders that specialise in vehicle and equipment finance.

Business, Commercial and Equipment Lending

Commercial loans may be used for a wide variety of purposes, from purchasing commercial property to providing funds for business use.
Are you a small businesses owner needing additional funds to operate, expand and or grow your business? We can assist with a variety of commercial funding options, including reusable loans and quick turnaround loans to help with immediate cashflow needs, as well as asset finance for plant and equipment, and much more. These financing options can range from small scale things like updating technology in an office, to large scale items like mining and farm equipment. Simply talk to us about your needs and goals and we’ll help you to explore your options.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

What would happen to your home and your family’s security if you were unable to make the loan repayments due to redundancy, sickness or death? We’re passionate about protecting families from losing their homes. With every mortgage that we help arrange, we provide our clients with the certainty of some protection. With no charge for the first month, it gives you some time to consider all your family protection needs.

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Important: It protects them, not you! This is insurance that banks or lenders takes out against the loan they provide you. It’s a once-off fee the lender usually passes on to YOU, if you have less than a 20% deposit. It’s generally charged on a sliding scale – the less deposit you have, the higher the percentage of fee they charge. It can range upto the tens of thousands, with most lenders allowing you to borrow atleast some (if not all) of the fee on top of the loan. We can give you an estimate of the cost before you enter into a contract to buy a home, to make sure you’ve got enough funds to complete the purchase.

General Insurance

Through our partnership arrangements with QBE, we are able to offer you home and contents insurance. Having this service means that your certificate of currency is hassle-free and ready in time for your settlement. This is a free consultation so even if you are happy with your current insurer for your home, or business, we’ll be happy to provide you with a competitive quote to see if we could help you save money.

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