A lot can happen over your lifetime.

Make sure your home STAYS yours!

Financial hardship can happen to anyone

It’s safe to assume that our standard of living, health and family are important to us. However, there are certain events, such as serious illness or injury, which can put your home, lifestyle and future plans at risk.

With more than half of all Australian households spending their entire monthly income, and one in five unsure they could raise $3,000 in an emergency1, this can have a huge impact and when severe enough, can cause financial ruin.

The good news is we may be able to help.

We have a solution which may help you manage those risks and could provide you and your loved ones financial assistance when you need it the most. The payout could help with things like living expenses, medical costs, and your mortgage repayments.

As your broker, Ascend Financial Freedom’s responsibility goes beyond helping you find the right loan. It’s also about making sure you understand the risks, so you can best decide how you can protect against them and meet your loan obligations – whether you’re buying, investing or re-financing.

Everyday life events can and do occur, which impact people’s ability to make their repayments.

For instance, do you know how you, or your family, would meet repayments if you suffered a serious injury, illness, or even death?

Protect what is yours

The notion of wanting to protect ourselves against risks is not a new concept. In fact, we’ve been protecting ourselves and those close to us for most of our lives. As you begin a new financial journey with us, rest assured we have your best interests at heart. Which is why helping you protect what you worked so hard for, is an integral part of our mission.

Watch this video below to learn more about the protection journey:

My Protection Plan – a simple solution

My Protection Plan is an insurance product that may provide affordable protection for you and your family. It’s designed specifically for home and property buyers and it’s available through our partner, ALI Group.

What’s so good about ALI’s My Protection Plan is that it’s so simple to set up!

Another very important thing – in the event of a payout, the money is paid to you, not your lender. So, you get to choose how the money is spent. It doesn’t have to go on the mortgage if you think you’d rather spend it somewhere else – for instance on urgent medical expenses.

The real-world benefits

Joel and Anna achieved their dream of buying their first home with the help of guarantors. To give themselves and their guarantors peace of mind if anything were to happen to either of them, they took out the protection offered by their broker, Craig. Then, at the same time they were expecting their second child together, 24-year-old Joel was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The money they received from making a claim on their policy, lifted the financial burden and stress and allowed Joel to focus on his health and his young family.

Ask us today

Covering yourself and your family with My Protection Plan is easy and quick.

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Who are ALI Group?    

Established in 2003, ALI Group is a specialist risk insurance business committed to ensuring people just like you are provided with convenient and timely access to affordable protection. 

If you would like more information about ALI Group or to see how they have assisted many Australians when they really needed it go to www.aligroup.com.au.

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