Financial Planning isn’t just for rich people!!  Not everyone wants to be a “bazillionaire”!!

Most people just want a simple, yet comfortable lifestyle, without any money worries. ASCEND stands for Analysed Strategies Created Exclusively for your Needs and Dreams. Our aim is to help you ASCEND to Financial Freedom – whatever YOUR Financial Freedom looks like.

We help families understand the good the bad and the ugly when it comes managing money, as well as explaining the consequences or impact of different financial choices.  We aim to help you understand the basics so you’ll feel more in control of your world, so you can plan for, and achieve your goals.

Whether you’re slightly concerned or having many sleepless nights over your finances, we’ll show you ways to improve your situation so you can reduce your stress, worry and any anxiety and get a better nights’ sleep.

The biggest regret we hear from our clients is that they wish they’d started planning earlier.
Don’t live with those same regrets.
We can help you.

We understand that taking the first steps towards changing your financial situation can be an exciting yet daunting experience.  Finding the right people that you’re comfortable with to guide you is vitally important.
Just like getting fit and losing weight – ofcourse you can go to the gym and do it all yourself.

But having the right personal trainer/coach that you trust and are comfortable with, will:

  • make sure you understand which activities are suitable for your goals and needs – there’s so many things you could do, but are they relevant to you? Just because that person over there looks good doing it, is it appropriate for you?
  • make sure you understand which things are and aren’t working for you, what and how to tweak
  • increase your understanding and knowledge to help you get better results – did you know you can also…?
  • help keep you on track
  • be there as a mentor for you to ask questions along your journey

To see if we’re the right people to help you on your journey, and to get a true sense of what it’s like to work with us, call us or provide your details on the Contact Us page and we’ll contact you to arrange a personal consultation.  There is no charge for this first visit, so there’s nothing to lose, other than uncertainty!


We all have a super fund (or several), and we all know it’s meant to help fund our retirement.  What many people don’t know, is what they should and could be doing with it.  Some just leave it as the “default” investment choice because they don’t know enough about investing.  Others simply have no idea where any of their funds are and could be losing a lot of money every year to unnecessary fees.

We help you locate your supers and help you understand what goes on with your money whilst it’s being baby sat for the next few decades under someone else’s control.  We’ll explain to you some basics that will help you take back some control, as well as showing you how your choices will impact your future.  It’s amazing how big an impact that a little knowledge can have.


The standard Australian dream is to own your own home…and then splash out and get an investment property – because “that’s just what you do isn’t it”? It’s frightening to see people jump into large investments without regard to the underlying fundamentals required of a “good” investment.

We help you understand the basics of Investing: how markets work; that there are different tax implications for different strategies and vehicles; which investments are better suited to YOUR specific needs (just because your mate is successful with their investments, doesn’t necessarily mean YOU will be if you take their advice); what “risk” means, and how to put strategies in place mitigate risk. We’ll also help you understand if you’ll reach your goals based on your current efforts, and how to tweak them if needed.

Personal Protection Plan

What financial safety nets do you have in place? Not sure? You’re not alone! A lot of people know they’ve got “something in super???”, but tragically, have no idea what they’ve got, or even if it’s enough. You’ve most likely got your car insured in case it gets written off. Have you got anything in place in case “YOU” get written off? As unrealistic as it seems, once you’re an adult, many parents (and siblings) don’t expect to have to keep shelling out money to take care of you or your new family. They’re usually trying to save for their well-deserved retirement. Putting a little bit aside as early as possible, will help relieve your family of that financial burden. Giving everybody peace of mind. Let’s face it, if roles were reversed, have you got enough money to take care of your siblings or parents if something happened to them?

We’ll work with you to determine what safety nets you need, and help you achieve them.

Event Management

Planning a holiday? Wedding? New Family? Future kids and education expenses? Retirement? What to do with your assets when you pass away? Or just help to get out of spiralling debt?

If you don’t have any goals we’ll help you set some, and put strategies in place to help you achieve them.

Help me quit my job ASAP

Stop and take a minute to think about the day you wake up knowing you don’t have to go to work to earn money anymore – because you have enough money working for you! What an amazing feeling!

Having freedom of choice is what we’re all about. By arming you with the ammunition needed to succeed, you’ll have more control over your finances, and have more control over when you can choose to quit your job.

We’re fighting fear and uncertainty, helping everyday people grow into a nation of confident financially literate ambassadors for their families and children of the next generations. Don’t be the victim of fear and uncertainty when it comes to your finances. Be the superhero in your children’s eyes, and help teach them, to help teach their kids. Choose your legacy.

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