Below you’ll find our upcoming Finance for Grown-Ups workshop events –

So adulting. It’s a rather tough gig.

You know it, we know it. We all have that not so gentle slap in the face where we realise that shizz is getting real and it is time to get our grown-up on. Financial Freedom…now is your time.

We know this can be daunting whether it’s a New baby, just married, loss of a loved one. There is so much we need to be accountable and responsible for. We’re freedom fighters and like all good superheroes, Ascend Financial Freedom are here to save the day! We speak finance and have created the Finance for Grown-Ups workshops, to show you real life hacks, tips, tricks and strategies as a results to help you feel empowered and in control of your finances.

So are you ready to learn?

Session One is only $12 and this includes tea, coffee, biscuits plus 90 minutes of financial expertise delivered by Jacquie Saville – 18 years as a professional grown-up in the finance industry.

It’s a tiny investment in your future.

Finance for Grown-Ups – If you would like more information about these events please click HERE to contact us.