Over the past 20 years we have met so many people and at no fault of their own have had little to no financial literacy skills. We wanted to change all that and is why we created and are so passionate about our financial coaching course.

Let us help you get your shiz sorted.

ADULTING.  It’s a Tough Gig.

Ever thought to yourself: “it’s all just too hard!” or “shiz’s gettin’ real!”??

Juggling Bills, Parenting, Relationships, Career, Financial Security and not to mention making sure we have a roof over our heads….aaand still have time and money for the fun stuff! Maybe you’re recently married, single, divorced, bought a house, had a baby or lost someone special? Had some major change in your life or realisation has hit you with a (not-so-subtle, reality-checking) brick in the face? One that’s dawned on you that you really “should” get all your grown-up finances sorted once and for all?

We get it!

We know this “shiz” is daunting and when spiralling out of control, is also a MASSIVE contributor financial stress. Like you, we’ve been there. Ascend Financial Freedom’s Superheroes are here to save the day! We’re freedom fighters and like all good superheroes, we eat, sleep, rescue, repeat! (Financially speaking!) Reading books are great for info, but having qualified “actual” people you can talk to, sharing ideas with and holding you accountable, helps to magnify your chances of success.  Don’t you agree?

So that’s why we have designed our Finance for Grown-Ups Workshops & Financial Coaching Academy Packages.

We explain the finance fundamentals you NEED to know, to help you feel more confident and empowered when it comes to making the right financial decisions. Taking it one step at a time…

Our quirky jam-packed interactive workshops and coaching programs provide real life hacks, tips, tricks and strategies to help you feel empowered and actually in control of your finances.  With our Ascend Financial Freedom Road Map, you’ll learn the “real-life” stuff they didn’t teach us at school…and as a Financial Freedom Academy Graduate you’ll be able to pass these life-changing skills and understanding through to your kids, so they can have their best start to their “financial” life.  Want to be their superhero?

In layman’s terms:

We’ll provide the steps you need to take, in the right order, to help you get your “shiz” sorted!


Ascend Financial Freedom Road Map

Step 1: Stripping it Back – Getting Back to Basics

Learn how to

  • Kill off debts the RIGHT way
  • Stress less and manage your money,
  • Get cozy with your Reality Check,
  • How you can improve cash flow
  • Dream big, and set realistic and SMART goals
  • Live a Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget
  • Follow the 4 Money Principles, to ensure success
  • Discover your Magic Number – what IS a Magic Number and why you need to know it right NOW…
and why this is the most important step of any financial game plan before you jump into the sexy exciting stuff like investing.

Step 2: Designing your Love Letters & Safety Nets

Preparing for that “Rainy Day’, and understanding that
that “day” sometimes can turn into months or even forever….
  • How to prove to your loved ones just how much you really care with romantic gestures that’ll last your family’s lifetime (even after you’re gone).
  • Covering different types of safety nets, key components to consider when comparing, and their true value.
Making sure nobody can tear shreds into your back up plan or safety nets is the next logical step to having “Grown-Up” finances.

Step 3: Sexy and Not-so-Sexy World of Investing

It’s easy to get caught up in what old mate (the would-be expert) down the road says works for him, but is it right for you?
  • Know the good the bad and the ugly of a variety of investment vehicles and asset classes before jumping in.
  • Learn about your “Investor
    Profile” and it’s potential to contribute to (or inhibit!) your ability
    to succeed with your financial goals.
  • Understand the key things to look for when comparing supers and investments.
  • How long will it take to achieve your goals – how long will your super last in retirement?
  • How to “tweak” what you’ve already got in place…

Step 1: Book in for a 1hr Financial Coaching Discovery Consultation

Let’s uncover what’s driving your need for change, your current situation and what your expectations are.  From there, we’ll work together to decide the next best step – whether it’s financial coaching through our Financial Freedom Academy or ad hoc Pay As You Go coaching, tackling a single urgent component at a time.

Coaching Discovery Consultation

$197 / Up to 90mins

Step 2: Book in for “Financial Freedom Academy”,
or our “Pay As You Go” services

Choose your financial coaching program:

COACHING: Financial Freedom Pay As You Go

$197 / Hour
  • Don’t require a full coaching program but still need help with a couple things? Then this Pay As You Go option is perfect for you.

Step 3: Keep the Momentum Going!  – $197 per hour (only as required)

Never fear, your Financial Freedom Fighters are (still) here! After your coaching is done, if you’re ever in need, we’ll still here to help. You’re part of our tribe now! Book a meeting with us for an annual review, or if you have any questions about “what’s next?”.

Keep the Momentum Going!

$197 / Hour
  • (Only When Required)

Wanting to know more about our

Financial Coaching?